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For those homeowners throughout Los Feliz and Silverlake area, who haven’t used Bob’s Rooter & Plumbing, welcome. Bob’s Rooter & Plumbing started doing business in the Hollywood area in 1969. Bob Lavoie Sr., who had worked for Roto Rooter from the late 1950′s until 1966, sustained a serious neck injury kept him out of work for a couple of years. His wife, Jan Lavoie, worked nights as a food and cocktail waitress at the Mexican Village on Beverly and Virgil until they both decided to

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start a sewer & drain cleaning business in 1969. At the time their son, Bob Lavoie Jr., worked as a porter for a mechanic at Parkhouse Motors on Santa Monica Blvd. Still living at home at the age of 16, his father asked him to join the business. At the time, we were strictly a sewer & drain cleaning business, “Bob’s Rooter Service”. As time went on, Bob Jr. became interested in broadening the family business to include full service plumbing repairs requiring a contractors license. At that time, all repair work was referred out to local licensed plumbing contractors. In 1979 Bob Jr. went to Plumbing school in Santa Monica before attending Contractors school in 1981 and receiving his contractors license in August of 1982. As a family business, Bob and his family trained almost all family members and many neighborhood kids out of high school in the business.

Since both Bob Lavoie Sr. and wife, Jan, have passed, Bob Lavoie Jr. together with his 3 son’s and daughter have continued to service the Hollywood area as well as Burbank, Glendale, San Fernando and Santa Clarita Valley’s

In November, 2010, Bob’s (Jr.) oldest son, Robert Shane Lavoie, had received his contractor sewer license to work in the city streets and offer our customers service for their sewer systems entirely from theirBob's Rooter & Plumbing Los Feliz property lines to city connections.

Hollywood, Silverlake and Los Feliz have become a favorite area because we have been working this area for more than 45 years. We are specialists in older homes and are familiar with the problems that can arise in homes more than 75 years old. This area is very much in need of experts like ourselves since many of these sewers are 75 to over 100 years old. The cast iron and galvanized drainage systems in the interior these homes are also very much in need of replacement, if they are original. Also, over the years we have realized that many of these drain lines were replaced however, the repairs were poorly installed with improper fittings, undersized, inferior and/or nonconforming  materials; this has caused many problems throughout the area.

When you are ready to hire experienced professionals, be sure to check them out through the license board and require permits. Protect your health, your safety and your investment as well as avoiding any lawsuits that could come your way when selling your home.

Now that you know a little bit about us, give us a call the next time you have a sewer or drain problem, or any type of plumbing related issue. Our number is 888-750-2627


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Message from the Bob,

Now here is a subject that is often misconstrued by the customer as simple, fast and cheap when it comes to a small leak under the sink, running toilet, faucet leak, or supply.

The first thing a doctor will do when you go to them is check your blood pressure because in many cases, high blood pressure is what contributes to the symptoms your having. Therefore when it comes to leaks, the supply water pressure is the first thing that should be checked. High water pressure contributes to many of the problems with leaks you may have.

Over a prolonged period, high water pressure creates excessive friction and expediates the deterioration process on your pipes and fixtures. Once you have found out that the pressure regulator to your home is inoperable, it will need to be changed to continue the repair process. About the regulator. This is a purtinent device on your supply system which is required when pressures exceed 80 psi from your local water dept. or supply system. It will reduce your excessive pressure to normal working pressure which is 55-65 psi for faucets, residential valves, piping, water heaters etc. It should be located near your emergency shut off valve. The pressure is tested on a hose faucet installed on the regulated side of the system. Many times you will have a high pressure hose bib installed before the regulator for irrigation and watering down. This is only a source for the pressure that is delivered to the property, not for what the pressure may be inside your house. You can usually locate a regulated hose bib outside your kitchen or bathroom area where it comes out of the house itself, not the ground. Most hose faucets coming out of the ground are high pressure. Upon replacement of the regulator, you may find that your whole house valve didn’t shut off so now you have to shut off the city meter. Replacement of the main valve, regulator and pressure relief valve is in order. The pressure relief valve (safety valve) is a device after the pressure regulator that should leak when the regulator fails. If this device has not been tested at least annually, it be also be frozen shut and inoperable. Now the leak.

Say you have a leaking faucet. On a single control or single handle faucet to be more specific, you normally will have a cartridge that has worn and failed. You will need to shut off both the hot and cold water locally under your sink. If preventive maintenance or check up is not something you or your plumber have done in the past, a nonfunctional valve is a possibility. In that case, the whole house will need to shut down and those valves replaced to continue the process. Now even though we can all be negligent in our decision process to ignore these problems and have them rectified, it is NOT a good idea to omit this part of the repair process to say the least. Upon removal of the cartridge, you notice this white and blue green particulate which feels like tiny little rocks. These deposits come from your water heater tank. You know, the one that you have professionally cleaned and flushed annually to prevent early demise. Okay, so you didn’t know that annual cleaning and flushing your water heater, testing the pressure relief valve, main shut off valve and exaust vent for carbon minoxide was important. More importantly it plays a major role in the longevity of not only your tank, but it’s an important factor in preserving your valves and cartridges within your home. Once you’ve identified the manufacturer and know which model your working on, you can proceed to replace with the appropriate part. Now that you have replaced the cartridge you should remove the aerator at the end of the spout before turning the water on and test. This will remove the air from the lines at a quicker pace and prevent clogging of the aerator. Clean your aerator and reassemble. By the way, when you remove your aerator and see the same type of build up as we discussed earlier with your cartridge, that is also a warning sign to have your water heater cleaned and flushed.

Now, wasn’t that simple.

For further assistance please contact Bob or Shane at Bob’s Rooter & Plumbing Co. 888.750.2627

Bob Lavoie

This is me thirty years ago answering phones for Bob's Plumbing!!

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