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Ken Mate
Google Review
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I've been their client for 25 years. They have reamed out all the pipes in my house. They are efficient they come on time they are Pleasant they are reasonable in price and they always get the job done. I've never had a moment when I had to call them back to do more work.
Jeannette Narbonne
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When I noticed the water pressure inside my home dwindling, I called Bob’s Plumbing and I had a new pressure regulating valve installed within the next hour!
Tina Haywood
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Highly recommend! Jon took care of several issues for us, quickly finding and repairing the problems. Quality work, professional, polite! Best plumber in SCV!!!
Claudia Mallan
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I found them to give excellent service. Their knowledge and the work they do is also excellent. I recommend them.
Laura Dupuis
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They do it all, and they always do a great job!

Santa Clarita & San Fernando Valley Drain Cleaning Services

We Get Your Drains Moving Again

There’s not much worse than having a clogged drain at your home or business. Backed-up drains can cause unpleasant odors, messy problems, and even sanitation issues. Fortunately, Bob’s Rooter & Plumbing can get your drains running smoothly again. Our Santa Clarita and San Fernando Valley plumbers are experts in drain cleaning and we go the extra mile to ensure that you’re satisfied every time. Our team of expert plumbers has more than 50 years of experience, and we have the tools, knowledge, and expertise needed to get any drain flowing quickly and affordably. We can also assist in drain installation and repairs so don’t hesitate to call us today! 

Signs You Need Drain Cleaning Service

You probably don’t spend a lot of time thinking about the condition of your drains. At least not until they’re clogged up and causing you problems. In order to identify these inconveniences, below are a few signs that you need drain cleaning. 

  • Slow drains: Are your drains running a little slow lately? This is probably one of the most obvious signs that you could use a complete drain cleaning service. Common causes of slow drains include hair, soap scum, and foreign objects building up in your pipes. If you notice any of these signs, reach out to Bob’s Rooter & Plumbing to schedule a drain cleaning service today.
  • Bad odors: Are you noticing a strange odor is coming from your pipes? These odors are often a sign of rotting food or sewer gases emitting odors from your sink. If you notice these signs, give us a call because it’s likely that your drains need cleaning.
  • Clogs: This one seems obvious, but if you’re experiencing frequent clogs then you need to have your drains cleaned. This can be an indicator of a larger problem than you realize so it’s best not to hesitate on the drain cleaning service. Clogs can be caused by things built up in the sink pipes or roots in your main sewer line. We may have to perform a camera inspection to determine the exact culprit. Fortunately, our expert plumbers are the best at finding solutions so give us a call if you’re drains are clogging. 

Risks of Clogged Drains

Most homeowners don’t get too concerned when their drains are running a little slow. However, this can be an indicator of a bigger problem coming down the line. Specifically, issues that may show up in your main sewer line. If this is the case, it can cause backups into your home and some very unpleasant problems for you. If you notice sluggish drains, your drains are clogging often, or bad odors, it’s best to hire the professionals at Bob’s Rooter & Plumbing to inspect your pipes. The longer you wait, the greater the chance of pipe burst, water damage, or unsanitary backups.

Benefits of Professional Drain Cleaning

Most of us ignore our pipes until we have some form of emergency. That can be a backed-up pipe, a pipe bursting, or even overflowing sewage into your home. With professional drain cleaning, you can ensure that your system is running smoothly at all times and you will not suffer from any of these unforeseen consequences.

Other benefits of professional drain cleaning include:

  • Reducing Blocks: Keeping your drains cleaned with annual drain cleaning can help to prevent blockages and unforeseen backups. Even a small blockage has can become large and create significant problems for you and your family. A proper drain cleaning service can find these minor clogs and remove them for you.
  • Eliminating Odors: If you’re using Febreze a lot more often because your home doesn’t smell so fresh, it could be due to sewer gases or rotting food in your pipes. Fortunately, with a professional drain cleaning service, you’ll be able to eliminate those nasty odors caused by organic matter in your pipes.
  • Reducing Repair Costs: Getting a professional drain cleaning service can save you a significant amount of money in the long run. Professional plumbers have the ability to clean your pipes, spot upcoming issues, and repair them before any major damage is done.
  • Sanitary Environment: It’s a well-known fact that drains harbor bacteria. When you experienced backups, especially main sewer line backups, this bacteria can be pushed up into your toilet, sinks, or even your bathtubs. By keeping your drain lines clean, we can reduce the risk of any type of sewage backup and keep your home and family safe.

Call Bob’s Rooter & Plumbing Today

At Bob’s Rooter & Plumbing, we go the extra mile for our customers. With more than 50 years of plumbing experience, our experts have the tools, knowledge, and experience needed to perform any plumbing work large or small. When you call us for a professional drain cleaning, you can expect friendly and knowledgeable staff that show up on time and clean your drains promptly. Give us a call today to schedule your drain cleaning service in Santa Clarita and San Fernando Valley.

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