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Ken Mate
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I've been their client for 25 years. They have reamed out all the pipes in my house. They are efficient they come on time they are Pleasant they are reasonable in price and they always get the job done. I've never had a moment when I had to call them back to do more work.
Jeannette Narbonne
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When I noticed the water pressure inside my home dwindling, I called Bob’s Plumbing and I had a new pressure regulating valve installed within the next hour!
Tina Haywood
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Highly recommend! Jon took care of several issues for us, quickly finding and repairing the problems. Quality work, professional, polite! Best plumber in SCV!!!
Claudia Mallan
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I found them to give excellent service. Their knowledge and the work they do is also excellent. I recommend them.
Laura Dupuis
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They do it all, and they always do a great job!

Bio-Clean Drain & Septic Cleaner

Keep Your Systems Clean & Reduce Unexpected Problems

BIO-CLEAN is a blend of natural bacteria and enzymes that breaks down waste buildup in your plumbing and septic systems. It’s the most powerful blend available on the market and recommended by our expert plumbers. BIO-CLEAN is non-poisonous and will not attack live tissue or inorganic matter like your pipes because it’s specially designed to break down waste like grease, hair, food particles, paper, cotton and sewage. 

BIO-CLEAN’s potent enzyme concentration remains inactive in powder form and comes alive when mixed with water. Unlike many liquid treatments that only contain 1-2 enzymes, BIO-CLEAN’s powerful blend contains 4 types of enzymes which break down 4 different types of waste: protein, grease, carbohydrates and fiber. 

Once applied, BIO-CLEAN’s enzymes immediately get to work breaking down waste and preventing buildup. Every minute the BIO-CLEAN enzymes are in your system, they eat their weight in waste and transform the particles into water, carbon dioxide, and ash which are not only harmless to your system, but also great plant food. 

Safe & Effective Septic and Plumbing Solution

BIO-CLEAN is NSF certified and safe for use in food prep & production areas around the world. The powerful enzyme blend is also non-poisonous, creates no fumes, heat, or boiling. It also does not attack live tissue or inorganic materials such as your pipes. BIO-CLEAN is specially designed to break down particles like grease, hair, food, paper, cotton and sewage. 

BIO-CLEAN Eliminates Long Term Buildup 

When you pour BIO-CLEAN into your plumbing system, the bacteria and enzymes go to work on the waste that’s slowing your drains down and causing clogs. As you know, grease and residue will build up on the sides of your pipes over time and reduce the flow of your system. This accumulated waste is a preferred food for the bacteria in BIO-CLEAN. Once you put BIO-CLEAN in your plumbing system, they get to work on breaking down the waste and clearing it out of your pipes. Over time this eliminates the buildup inside of your pipes and reduces the need for snaking or hydro-jetting. 

Where Can BIO-CLEAN Be Used? 

BIO-CLEAN is a safe product and can be used in almost any residential and commercial system including: 

  • Lavatories
  • Bath tubs
  • Kitchen sinks
  • Showers
  • Laundry room drains
  • Floor drains
  • Septic tanks
  • Drain fields
  • Outhouses
  • R.V. and boat holding tanks
  • Garbage disposals
  • Composting piles
  • Litter boxes 

Eliminate Buildup & Extend The Life Of Your Systems With BIO-CLEAN  

Protect your plumbing and septic system with safe and effective BIO-CLEAN. The expert plumbers at Bob’s Rooter & Plumbing are certified dealers and provide the best pricing available. Each 2lb container contains enough BIO-CLEAN for 100 treatments making it an affordable way to keep your system running smoothly. 

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