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Ken Mate
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I've been their client for 25 years. They have reamed out all the pipes in my house. They are efficient they come on time they are Pleasant they are reasonable in price and they always get the job done. I've never had a moment when I had to call them back to do more work.
Jeannette Narbonne
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When I noticed the water pressure inside my home dwindling, I called Bob’s Plumbing and I had a new pressure regulating valve installed within the next hour!
Tina Haywood
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Highly recommend! Jon took care of several issues for us, quickly finding and repairing the problems. Quality work, professional, polite! Best plumber in SCV!!!
Claudia Mallan
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I found them to give excellent service. Their knowledge and the work they do is also excellent. I recommend them.
Laura Dupuis
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They do it all, and they always do a great job!

Annual Service Plan

Prevent Unforeseen Plumbing Problems & Extend The Life Of Your Systems



Bob’s Rooter and Plumbing is now offering a valuable Annual Service Plan designed to save you money and help prevent potential plumbing emergencies.

During our first visit, we will perform a whole home plumbing inspection, a full water heater service and flush, and a camera inspection of the main sewer. 

A detailed report will be provided to you and we will retain a copy that will enable us to be prepared whenever you need service on any plumbing in your home.

Your Annual Service Plan also gives you access to priority scheduling and a 10% discount on all work performed.


When is the last time you gave any thought to the water shut-off valves in your house? Will they work when you need them to? Or the last time an annual service was performed on your water heater? Yes, that’s a thing. 

With a Whole Home Plumbing Inspection, you can rest assured we’re looking at these vital components in your plumbing system and ensuring they work when you need them to work. We will inspect every component of your home plumbing system and provide a detailed report so we can move forward with the necessary information to care for and extend the life of your system. 

A complete Whole Home Plumbing Inspection includes:

  • Checking the water pressure(s) for the home
  • Documenting the make and model of all identifiable faucets as well as the serial and model numbers for the water heater and garbage disposal to help determine age and warranty status
  • Inspecting and exercising all valves including the main water shut-off, exterior hose bibs, irrigation valves, pressure relief valves, water heater shut off valve, under sink hot and cold water shut off valves, washing machine shut off valves, earthquake gas shut off valve, gas appliance shut off valves, and any other isolation valves in your system.
  • Inspection of all sump pumps, recirculating pumps, and sewage ejector pumps where applicable.
  • Inspection of all accessible and visible hot and cold water supply piping*.
  • Inspection of all drains and sewer including under-sink traps, under-sink drain assemblies, and interior camera inspections for kitchen drain and main sewer**.


*Pipes behind walls and under slabs not included.
**Camera inspections will only be performed from accessible properly sized clean outs.


One of the biggest inconveniences to happen is to turn on the shower only to find out that the water is not getting hot. This can be a big setback and possibly affect the rest of your day. By servicing your water heater annually, we can help avoid these unnecessary setbacks. 

An Annual Water Heater Service includes:

  • Inspect all water and gas connection points for leaks.
  • Inspecting flue exhaust piping and connections for leaks
  • Flushing sediment and scale build-up from  the interior of the unit
  • Cleaning dust and soot from burner chamber and air intake screens


A sewer blockage can be a nightmare. Your toilets don’t flush, sewage backs up into showers and bathtubs, and life as you know it suddenly comes to a halt when you have to drop everything to deal with this major inconvenience. 

We have the latest technology in sewer camera inspection and location equipment so we can help to avoid a disaster by performing an inspection to identify potential problems in your main sewer and provide proactive solutions for maintenance or repair. 


All of our Annual Service Plan members receive priority scheduling over non-service plan customers as well as a 10% discount on all work performed during the active service plan period. 

We will care for your entire plumbing system so you won’t have to worry about any costly plumbing surprises for only $25 a month or $300 a year! 

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